So you want to help people stop smoking? The BreatheFree 2.0 program can provide you with the latest evidence based practices to enhance your cessation efforts. Assisting current smokers to become non-smokers requires a few key attributes in the facilitators.

Needed Attributes:

  • Patience: The process to be nicotine free is a long process, filled sadly with many lapses. It is vital to have an understanding of this process, and be ready to begin again and renew the struggle. At all times, the relationship of care is vital.
  • Humility: We are facilitators not directors. The process to be smoke free, is an individual process, regardless of whether it is done in groups. Our role is to assist, cheer, and motivate. In the end, it is the smoker who will win this battle. It is our role to humbly assist
  • Respect: Whether a smoker is successful or not, they are a person deserving of our respect and regard. We must come as equals to this challenge.

If you possess these attributes and have the time and resources to host a program. Please consider signing up to be a recognized site. After becoming a site, you will be given access to files for running the program.

If you have questions feel free to email: [email protected]