Facilitator Lead – Group Program

The Facilitator lead – Group Program is offered at a wide variety of sites globally. These sites are often found in places of worship such as Church’s, Temples, or Mosques but can also be found in local community centers. View the Facilitators Search page for a site near you.

The Group Program is not an online program but rather an in person hands on program.

There are 6 phases to the Facilitator Lead Breathe Free 2.0 program. These phases occur over 9 sessions

Phase 1
The Preparation Phase occurs between the first and second session. This Phases gives you 48 hours to decide whether you are ready to stop smoking. You don’t have to stop smoking yet; just decided whether you are ready to stop smoking. If so, come back to the second session. After session two you will be ready to decide on the best time to stop smoking.

Phase 2
The Celebration phase begins with session three. That is the break-free celebration when each of you publicly declare your independence from cigarettes.

Phase 3
The Detoxification Phase is session 4 through 7. This is the time when your body is throwing off nicotine and recovering from the residual effects of tobacco addiction. We will provide you with strategies to better manage stress, cope with withdrawal symptoms, and experience new eating and exercise routines. You will also receive important information to help with emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of your addiction habit. There will be various films to encourage and motivate you to break free.

Phase 4
The normalization phase occurs during session eight. During the normalization phase, you have the most difficult period behind you, but the most dangerous before you. We will help you guard against over-confidences as you re-enter your social circle as a non-smoker. During this phase the body is returning to normal functioning, including body weight. Nicotine is like an earthquake or hurricane – the aftermath of addiction requires a period of adjustment and rebuilding. It’s a big job, but you can succeed!

Phase 5
The Graduation phase is session nine. By then you will not only have stopped smoking, but you will also have learned how to reach your dream of a new and better smoke-free life. Our last meeting together on _(day)_ will include the graduation ceremony. It will mark the first day of the best of your life as a new, strong, and free person.

Phase 6
The Stabilization phase follows graduation. But we are not going to desert you. We will keep in contact with you and drop a note at these intervals following the last session. We will have a one month reunion with follow up calls at 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months after graduation. The purpose of these follow-up contacts is to encourage you to reach your one-year anniversary. You will virtually be assured a lifelong freedom from tobacco once you have stayed off cigarettes a full year. Follow up is also important for us as we would like your feedback about how the program worked for you and what suggestions you have for bettering the program for others.

If your interested in leading a group please sign up as a Facilitator for more training.