Reasons to Quit

The fact you are on this website, means you are at least thinking of the idea of quitting.

First, You can do it! it will take work but you can do it.

Each person has reasons for quitting smoking. Some want to be healthier, save money, or simply for a new baby in their family. As you think about and prepare to quit, its important to reasons through why you want to do this.
Every day you need to remind yourself of these reasons. They can inspire you to stop smoking for good.
No matter why you quit, you will be overjoyed in the way your life will improve when you can Breathe Free.
Let’s examine some of the reasons you may want to quit:

  • Your chances of having a stroke, cataracts, cancer, heart attacks, and other diseases will go down.
  • You will be able to Breathe Free and cough less.
  • Your blood pressure will improve.
  • You will look healthier, your teeth and fingernails will not be stained.
  • You will have more money to spend.
  • Food will taste much better.
  • The world will smell better, from your clothes, to your home.
  • Friends and Family who don’t smoke, will like your presence again.
Personal Reasons
  • Your kids will be proud of you; the strength it takes to quit will make you a super hero in their eyes.
  • Friends, family, co-workers, will be proud of you.
  • Energy will go up.
  • You will be back in control of your life.

One of simplest tips we can offer is to make a list of YOUR reasons to Breathe Free. Keep it with you, look at it when you feel the need to smoke. Remember you can do this!!

Next step?

So you are going to join a group? If your looking for a group use our location map to find one near you.